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IH Bogota

NOTE | From September 1st, our courses will all be in our new centre on Av Chile


IH Bogotá (in the photo, above), one of the newest members of the International House World organisation, has been set up in collaboration with International House Barcelona (Spain).

The school is located in the centre of La Candelaria, the city's historical district, less than 10 minutes walk from Plaza de Bolívar, which is the old city's main square.

We teach English to the natives of the city, to both adults and young learners, offer CELTA and TKT (Teaching Knowledge Test) courses for English teachers, and run Spanish courses for students from all over the world.

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The school building

The building dates from the early 19th century has been lovingly preserved. Its many original features include beautiful tiled and wooden floors, ornately carved wooden ceilings, a wide, wooden staircase that sweeps up to the first floor, high ceilings and two spacious interior courtyards that flood the building with natural light.

Nicknamed 'el Palacio' by the owners, the school is famous for being the building that several former presidents used to dress and take refreshment in before their ceremony of investiture.

The school's facilities include:

  • 11 spacious classrooms all with natural light
  • A computer room with high speed Internet access which our students can use free of charge before or after class
  • Multimedia facilities, which include video beams and computers which allow teachers to use the latest, interactive class materials. Some classrooms have interactive boards.
  • An auditorium with space for up to 30 people
  • The two lovely courtyards, where teachers and students can relax and enjoy each other's company
  • Wi-fi

International House Barcelona

IH Barcelona

IH Barcelona, one of Europe's leading language learning and teacher training centres, was founded in 1972 and has since grown into a major centre for language teaching, teacher training, study tours and related activities.

Its activities include teaching Spanish to students from all over the world and teaching English to people living in Barcelona but it is also one of Europe's top language teacher training centres, with courses for both English and Spanish teachers. IH Barcelona also sends large numbers of students from Spain to study languages abroad.

Through the International House Viva Group, IH Barcelona also runs Spanish courses in Mexico, among other destinations.

International House World Organisation

Founded in 1953, International House World is a network of more than 150 schools around the world, all committed to the highest standards in education and business.

A key aim of International House is to raise the standards of language teaching around the world. One important way in which we do this is through Teacher Training courses for which International House has a world-wide reputation. We train our own (as well as many other schools') teachers to enable language students to learn the language of their choice simply, quickly and efficiently in a rich linguistic and cultural environment.

To ensure that every school maintains the high standards that are specified in the Affiliation Agreement, an external assessor visits each school every two years and conducts a thorough investigation into all aspects of the school's activities. These visits ensure that the unparalleled reputation International House enjoys for the quality of its services is safeguarded.