Business Spanish course in Bogotá

IH Bogotá offers Business Spanish courses designed to help students who need to use the language in a working environment.

The aim of these courses is to help improve the student’s level of competence in many typical work-related activities such as participating in meetings, using the telephone for business, negotiating and selling, making presentations, etc.

Students are also introduced to a wide range of business vocabulary and given an insight into the sort of cultural differences that they may encounter while doing business in Colombia.

This course combines your intensive Spanish course (20 hours per week) with 10 hours per week of private classes (1:1 or 2:1*) which focus on Business Spanish.

Supplement per week

  • For one-to-one Business Spanish: $US 300
  • Two-to-one Business Spanish: $US 175*

*For two students with the same level of Spanish who want to study together (price per person)

Prices valid until December 31st, 2018.

Public holidays

2018: The school will be closed on January 1 and 8; March 19, 29 and 30; May 1 and 14; June 4 and 11; July 2 and 20; August 7 and 20; October 15; November 5 and 12; December 8 and 25.

Please note that classes lost on the holidays listed above cannot be made up at other times.